Seating Capacity

Our facilities offer a range of seating capacities to suit various occasions:

·     The Main Hall comfortably accommodates over 1600 guests, ensuring ample space for your grand gatherings.

·     Indulge in fine dining with the Dining Hall's seating for more than 750 attendees.

·     Host a mid-sized event in style with our Banquet Hall, accommodating over 500 seated guests.

No matter the size of your event, Cosmo has the space to make it a memorable success.


We offer a seamless parking experience with a vast capacity of over 500 car parking spaces. Say goodbye to parking woes as our ample parking area ensures that all your guests will find convenient and hassle-free parking. We've got your parking needs covered, ensuring your event begins on a stress-free note.

Air Conditioned

Experience optimal comfort in our venues. From the Main Hall to the Dining Hall, Banquet Hall, and Mini Hall, all spaces are fully air-conditioned to ensure your guests enjoy a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere throughout your event.


Rest assured with our complete CCTV surveillance system. Your safety is our priority, and our surveillance coverage ensures a secure environment throughout the premises.

Entrance & Exit

Navigate effortlessly with clearly designated entrance and exit gates in three distinct directions. Your convenience and ease of movement are our priority.